Irish Orienteering Association

Irish Orienteering Association – General Information


Irish Orienteering Association, 58 Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9, Ireland.


General Enquiries

Press & Communications  Tel: 087-1261409

Executive Officers

These are the Executive Officers as elected at 2015 AGM. Some positions remain vacant, potential candidates for these positions should e-mail the Chairperson for more information.
Most decisions are taken by email exchanges amongst the committee members, but we also meet via a 247meeting conference call about four times a year.

  • Executive Chairperson:  email: chairperson (at)
  • Vice Chairperson:  Finn van Gelderen email: comms (at)
  • Honorary Secretary and Fixtures: Fergal Buckley, Tel. 086-3306932, email: fixtures (at)
  • Honorary Treasurer: Sarah ni Ruairc, email: treasurer (at)
  • Director of Education: Eoin Browne, email: coaching (at)
  • Communications Officer: Finn van Gelderen, Tel. 087-1261409, email: comms (at)
  • Controller of Technical Standards: Harold White, email: technical (at)
  • Development Officer: Andrew Cox, email: development at
  • Director of High Performance: Darren Burke, email: elite (at)
  • Director of Junior Representative Orienteering: Mike Long, email: juniorrep (at)
  • Mapping Registrar: Stuart Scott, email: mapping (at)

Non-Executive Officers

  • Child Protection: Barbara Foley-Fisher, email: childprotection (at)

Irish Orienteering Association – General Information