Irish Orienteering Fixtures Information

DateTuesday, 16/5/2017
VenueCurrabinny Wood
AddressCarrigaline, Co. Cork
Event FormatCorkO Summer League / No. 2
Club WebsiteCork Orienteering Club
Start Times17:30-19:00
Signposted FromR613 Carrigaline / Ringaskiddy Road
Contact086 3062054 /
Grid referenceW 791 622

Results from previous events held near here

2006-08-29Currabinny Wood
2006-09-24Currabinny Wood
2007-01-07Currabinny Wood
2007-02-04Currabinny Wood
2007-04-12Currabinny Wood
2007-05-15Currabinny Wood
2007-10-07Currabinny Wood
2007-11-06Currabinny Wood
2008-01-06Currabinny Wood
2008-04-10Currabinny Wood
2008-05-13Currabinny Wood
2008-11-11Currabinny Wood
2008-12-27Currabinny Wood
2009-01-04Currabinny Wood
2009-04-09Currabinny Wood
2009-04-26Currabinny Wood
2009-05-12Currabinny Wood
2009-05-17Currabinny Wood
2009-09-13Currabinny Wood
2009-11-22Currabinny Wood
2009-12-27Currabinny Wood
2010-01-03Currabinny Wood
2010-02-07Currabinny Wood
2010-03-14Currabinny Wood
2010-04-08Currabinny Wood
2010-05-23Currabinny Wood
2010-05-25Currabinny Wood
2010-11-28Currabinny Wood
2010-12-27Currabinny Wood
2011-02-06Currabinny Wood
2011-04-10Currabinny Wood
2011-04-14Currabinny Wood
2011-05-15Currabinny Wood
2011-05-24Currabinny Wood
2013-05-21Currabinny Wood
2013-08-27Currabinny Wood
2013-09-08Currabinny Wood
2013-12-29Hoddersfield Wood & Estate
2014-01-05Currabinny Wood
2014-05-18Currabinny Wood
2014-05-20Currabinny Wood
2014-07-27Currabinny Wood
2014-08-26Currabinny Wood
2014-09-14Currabinny Wood
2014-12-28Hoddersfield Wood & Estate
2015-01-04Currabinny Wood
2015-05-19Currabinny Wood
2015-06-14Currabinny Wood
2015-08-25Currabinny Wood
2015-09-13Currabinny Wood
2015-12-27Hoddersfield Wood & Estate
2016-01-03Currabinny Wood
2016-05-17Currabinny Wood
2016-06-06Currabinny Wood
2016-08-30Currabinny Wood
2016-12-18Hoddersfield Wood & Estate
2017-01-01Currabinny Wood
2017-05-16Currabinny Wood
2017-06-05Currabinny Wood
2017-08-29Currabinny Wood
2018-01-28Currabinny Wood

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