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There will be a workshop on 'Computers in Orienteering' on Saturday Nov 22nd. Likely timings  10:00-1300, 1400-1730. The location will be somewhere[...]
The World University Orienteering Championships start tomorrow in the Czech city of Olomouc with the Mixed Sprint Relay. Ireland will be represente[...]
  The following team has been selected to represent Ireland in the SHI 2014 in Scotland, 18th-19th October. Relay teams will be based on [...]
The following are the orienteering events until the end of August 2014. All of these events are ideal for Beginners to the sport, you can choose to[...]
It doesn't seem that long since the last TIO in June, but in the meantime we've had a range of events from the summer evening events at home, the 17th[...]